A debate speech is a well-structured argument regarding a specific issue. It is run in accordance with a set of regulations meant to provide each side an equal chance. As a result, adhering to a good framework in debate writing is critical for both the debater and the viewers. Get the key-points How to write a debate statement with experts of Paperneer.

Alternatively, there are also more approaches to writing an effective discussion. Recognizing them will boost your odds of winning. Developing a tone and using appropriate words are also important in capturing the attention of the audience and evaluators.

We created this comprehensive article to assist you with your debate presentations. So, keep reading to gain a sense of the overall format and template.

A debate speech is a structured discussion or argument on a certain issue. It is an excellent approach to understand recent issues, global politics, and research reasoning abilities.

The primary goal of a debate speech is to:

  • Express yourself and voice your mind on the subject at hand.
  • Persuade the adversary that you are correct.
  • Change people’s minds about a particular issue.

Furthermore, a good discussion allows us to consider an issue from various angles. The debate speech is an excellent opportunity to increase your confidence while also improving your public speaking and debating skills.

How Do You Begin a Debate Speech?

Some students and expert debaters are unsure how to begin a debate speech. Nevertheless, with correct direction and methods, you may easily prepare a fantastic discussion.

Here are some pointers to assist you How to write a debate statement!

  1. Begin with a greeting

The first crucial step is to begin the argument with an enticing greeting. It lets listeners know what to anticipate from you.

Furthermore, you can begin the conversation with something like “Hi,” “Hello,” and provide more specifics as desired. Also, keep in mind that an excellent greeting will assist you in capturing the attention of the crowd.

  1. Share a Story

The debater can also present an outstanding event from their own life. It will enable the listener emotionally connect and distinguish your speech from others. It also improves the authenticity and genuineness of your speech.

  1. Write Incredible Facts

By giving facts and statistical data, you can readily attract the interest of the audience. It can help you enhance your argument and better your role in order to certainly win a debate.

  1. Make use of quotations

Quotations are the most effective approach to convey a concept or topic. It gives support to your argument and strengthens your position when presented to the audience.

  1. Express You’re Opinion

An effective debater must communicate their opinion on the subject before commencing a debate speech. It will help them make clear and persuasive arguments.

  1. Describe a Problem

By identifying the problem, the debater should simply tell their essential point or argument.

How to Write a Debate Speech?

The steps below will help you make your debate extra intriguing.

  1. Comprehend the Debate Speech

Before beginning to write, it is critical to comprehend the nature of the debate speech. Select favorable or unfavorable viewpoint. Sometimes you are given a viewpoint and must consider what type of argument is appropriate for your topic.

  1. Carry out research

In this step, you should brainstorm the issue and collect relevant facts from credible sources. It will assist you strengthen your argument. You must devote time to this section before beginning to write the speech.

Gather information from a variety of sources, such as textbooks, journals, magazines, blogs, websites, and so on. Take note of the counter-arguments as well.

  1. Make an Outline

The primary step in writing a superb speech is generating an outline. The sections of a basic speech outline are as follows:

Introduction: (How to write a debate statement)

In order to succeed in the debate, you’ll need a compelling introduction to catch your interest of the audience. Assume that your speech has no interest or significance at start. Despite what topic you’re discussing, individuals will lose interest and leave without listening anything else.

Paragraphs in the body

It is vital to address the main point of your debate speech in each paragraph. In addition to claims and arguments to support your argument, paragraphs should offer thorough descriptions of what you want readers to understand about the subject. You can also use evidence from credible sources to determine the strength of an argument or allegation.


The conclusion is your final chance to demonstrate how well you’ve organized all of your arguments and concepts. It includes a unique phrase or statement that sticks with the audience and judges.

  1. Begin Writing

Begin writing the debate after you have completed the outline. Fill each area with relevant details. In your debate, try not to duplicate the work of another debater.

Also, employ connectives and link paragraphs so that the audience gets your idea.

  1. Check for errors.

When you’ve completed writing your speech, go over it again to verify there are no grammatical issues. Check that it has all of the material that contributes to the strength of your speech.

How Should You End a Debate Speech?

A discussion should not be concluded with a single statement. You must hold people’s attention by covering all of the major points of an argument.

Here is a guideline to assist you in concluding the debate.

  • Does your speech include your thoughts on the subject?
  • Does your speech begin with a memorable greeting?
  • Is your speech comprehensive enough?
  • Is there a call to action at the end of your speech?
  • Have you gone over your speech again?
  • Keep this criteria in mind and you’ll be able to compose a fantastic debate speech in no time.

How to Format a Debate statement

To write an effective debate, you must adhere to the right format. If you do not follow the correct format, your topic will be less efficient and interesting to those attending.

For your convenience, a debate speech format is provided below.

Statements to Begin

It employs three arguments and three additional questions.

5 minutes for the Pro Team

Team Con – 2 minutes

5 minutes for the Con Team

2 minutes for the Pro Team


This part restates the opposition’s arguments and investigates what is incorrect.

3 minutes for the Pro Team

3 minutes for the Con Team


Summarize their perspective and demonstrate why their viewpoint is superior to others.

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